Saudi Union’s Logistics division focuses on providing complex logistical solutions with utmost consideration for environment. Key aim of our logistics division is to establish and maintain a long-term business relationship with our clients. This fact is reflected in our motto “our team for your efficiency”.

The logistics division prepares tailor-made solutions for clients and as per their specific needs. We therefore pay extra ordinary attention for innovations and continuous development of latest technologies and processes.

Our logistics team has solutions for normal and for specialized needs. We provide normal trucks, customized commercial vehicles, Refrigerated trucks, etc. Our success is due to our adaptive nature as we always follow our clients’ customized requirements.

In order to help and assist our clients, Saudi Union provides logistical services and professional supports by providing facilities like Transportation, Inventory Control, Storage Facility, downloading of material, Packaging solutions, etc.

We provide transport service for Workers of all levels keeping in mind their safety and comfort.
Our professional drivers take care of transporting materials and parcels securely and timely.
We maintain Inventory Control of goods and products with accuracy.

We have state-of-the-art storage facilities at warehouses built according to the specific conditions stipulated and laid-out by the competent authorities in the Kingdom.